Saturday, September 1, 2001

San Francisco to Vacaville

We had breakfast with Marilyn and Judy before taking off to the ferry terminal. San Francisco was cold, damp, and very uncrowded at 8 am.

The ferry ride took an hour and we got to Vallejo at about 10:15.
There were hills to climb to get out of town and at about 8 miles, I had to stop and rest.  I didn't think that was a very good sign, but I made it.  Leslie and Linda are so encouraging.  Coming down Lake herman Rd and seeing the ships in Carquinez Strait was a great sight.
Riding the frontage road along I-680 was interesting - a new perspective on one of my favorite stretches of highway.
We ate lunch in front of a Tower Mart then rode to Cordelia to go to the bathroom.  Then the day got hot and the hills harder to climb.  There was a lovely cool breeze but not enough when you're struggling going uphill.  At one point Leslie and Linda stopped to wait while I walked through some sprinklers - getting wet felt so good.

 Everything got better after that as we pedaled into Vacaville.  Word of the day: naysayer.  Linda's memorable moment of the day (mmotd): when a bird pooped on her map holder and handlebar bag.  Leslie's mmotd: when a bug flew down her shirt and stung her boob.  We had dinner at Murillo's and it's early to bed - I should sleep good tonight.  P.S. fast speed today - 39.4

Miles = 43.8

Friday, August 31, 2001

Bicycle Touring: the beginning

[**NOTE (Aug 2011):  I am starting the project of archiving the bicycle tours Dick and I completed before this blog was officially started.  The beginning of bicycle touring for me actually began before I met Dick.  This is with thankfulness to two good friends and fellow teachers, Leslie L and Linda L.  The following entries are taken directly from the journal I kept.]

Sacramento to San Francisco, Labor Day Weekend

It has begun - this adventure which totally excites me and scares me. Today, after the Rio Linda Union School District back-to-school "rah-rah" meeting, Judy W and Marilyn F picked up Leslie and Linda at my house. Marilyn bought a brand new bike rack just to carry our bikes - can you believe it? We drove to San Francisco, talking and laughing all the way. Marilyn drove, Leslie navigated, we three in the backseat watched them and giggled.
After trying to buy our tickets for the ferry (except we don't need them for a one-way trip ahead of time), we found a great place to dip our back wheels in the Pacific Ocean. Wow! we're really going to do this!

L-R: Leslie, Linda, Marilyn, Judy, Arlete
We checked into the TraveLodge on Lombard (Marilyn kept saying "Lombardi") after missing the required left turn and almost going over the Golden Gate Bridge. All this caused many fits of laughter - Linda uncontroll ably at one point, which was good since she said she hadn't laughed since she started teaching RSP. We walked to Scott Street and had dinner at Andiamo's - excellent Italian food, very friendly service, and a great time. On the walk back, the cold breeze and mist in our faces made San Francisco the perfect place to start this adventure. Leslie and Linda got everyone a t-shirt with "Life is an adventure in progress" on the front. I'm ready. Hurry up Saturday morning.