Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A new beginning

I had blog withdrawals within a few days. 

I began to search for a host other than blogspot. Then had to figure out how to use it. Although the blog doesn't quite look like I want it to yet, you are invited to switch over to


See you soon.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The End

Thank you for visiting my blog over the years.

This will be my last official post. If I resume blogging, I will do one final post to let you know where to find me. I do love to blog and have received such wonderful feedback from friends, family, and strangers over the years. Who knows? It may not take that long before I begin again.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fun on a Sunday afternoon

I suppose not everyone would agree that this would be a totally fun day to spend with a friend, but for Maria and I, it was great. Tim was at work - weekends can be busy for realtors.

NFL football on the tv, jewelry-making for Maria, and a new sewing project for me. When I realized I didn't have any lining for the pocket, Maria went to her discard pile of clothes and found a perfect purple skirt I could cut up.

From my childhood jewelry box, Maria chose an Indian-head nickel pendant (these were popular in the late 60s) added a garnet and chain. Wa-la!

Tim popped in and out to check football scores and give Sadie a little love.

Thank you, dear friends, for your loving hospitality. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

to Penn Valley

Before we left OG, we collected pine cones to use for fall decorating.  Maria is the fall decorator, not me. I was just a pine cone picker-upper. 

Highway 20 going toward Nevada City. There was a fire somewhere.

Maria's daughter, Leslie, and her children, Sara and CJ, came by to say hi.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Bookie in training

Last night, I was intrigued by Tim's interest and attention to a specific college football game. I asked a few questions. Ah ha! He had bet on one of the teams and his team made the "point spread." Therefore, this morning, we had to take a short drive to Verdi NV to collect his winnings.

I would personally like to thank Baylor University and the Miami Heat for meeting their point spread and Timmy for making good bets and taking us out to lunch at Fifty Fifty in Truckee. Excellent food and they make their own beer!

Next stop: Gray's Crossing Golf Course

and clubhouse.

Back to happy hour at Old Greenwood whose specialty is a Barlett Mule. Yum! The seemingly naked young person in the background actually just came in from the heated pool or spa. 

Fun, fun, fun.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

To Old Greenwood

Old Greenwood is just east of Truckee.

Maria and Tim came to this cabin so Maria could study in peace and quiet for 3 continuing education classes/exams for her job. She finished (successfully) this morning. Time to play, so I showed up.

A bit of snow on the back deck.

L-R: Maria, John and Joann, Tim. John and Joann recently became full-time RVers.

It made me laugh when I noticed how Tim sits in a chair. Maria said, "Like a frog." And then I laughed again.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Breakfast with Ade

We met at Four Sisters in Roseville for a good long gabfest. Always fun.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weekend in E Nicolaus

After 3 weeks of actively working, I was tired and ready for a relaxing weekend at Justin's.

Precise edging before mowing.

Part of this year's crop drying in the bed of Justin's second truck. There will be a full report once the LAST walnut has been picked up.

Great rock music blasted from the neighbor's garage.

There had been a strong north wind so there were lots of walnuts to pick up.

Friends with tools! Justin and Justin are about to attach the bucket

to easily fix the light.

After gathering, there's shelling in the garage. Special people who have been in my path the last few weeks have been receiving 1-pound packages of shelled walnuts - I think I've given away about 15 pounds.

Not E Nic, but a great fall colors view from Phyl and Dave's kitchen window which is where I had dinner tonight.

A perfect Saturday.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Unicorns v Pixies

St Ignatius is where Sophia attends school.

At games's end, The Tunnel.

Project Ride Smart ends

This week, many more LCIs joined us for the final set of blacktop drills and street ride. L-R: Mellissa, Doug, Jeff, Elle. We're having lunch in the classroom where the bikes are stored.

L-R: Elle, Pollyanna, Scarlet.

I stayed on campus with the red group. Here students are doing the ABCQuick Check. A = air. B = brakes. C  = chain, cranks, cassette. Quick = quick release especially the seat post to adjust for proper seat height.

Scarlet led the blue group off campus. The route was carefully planned so teachable moments would occur such as proper lane position, yielding at round-abouts, right and left turns, avoiding the door zone, and much more. Each student practiced as individual drivers of their vehicles.

Pollyanna led the yellow group. There were two LCIs per group of no more than 8 students.

Parent volunteers also went along. At the left, one of my red group riders is practicing power pedal, starting and stopping.

I am pleased to say that our team successfully taught 5 students HOW to ride a bike!

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Luke the Panda.

Sophia the Peacock.

Frida Kahlo and Mickey Mouse.

Avery did NOT like the Mickey Mouse hood! A package of candy allowed the picture to be taken.

Kellen the US Army soldier and Power Ranger Odin.

The handmade part of this post : I made the panda costume about 6 years ago in the little cabin outside Yarmouth Nova Scotia.  Kellen and Odin each wore it.  I handstitched the peacock mask Sophia wore.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Babysitting Sophia and Avery

This is what happens when you say "Strike a pose."

I was assured by Sophia that the poses were just as good from the back.

Sophia's on a soccer team at St Ignatius.

This is called "the jail." It was so cool, I was encouraged to take a picture and send it to Mom. Of course I complied.

Time to play Hide from Grandma Behind the Curtain.

Avery couldn't figure out how I was always able to find and tickle his toes.