Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kitchen remodel

Despite the fact that Carolyn and Mark are in the middle of remodeling their kitchen with Mark doing all of the disassemble, they have made us feel so welcome.

At the end of the day, a nice glass of wine is definitely the way to go.
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Dick's sister, Carolyn and her husband Mark live in the Greenmeadow community of Palo Alto. There is a wonderful community spirit here including the annual Memorial Day potluck and barbecue in the nearby park.

Greenmeadow residents provided brass band music. Playing trombone at the far right is Dave, Carolyn and Mark's son.

L-R: Dick, Carolyn, and neighbor Kay

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pacific voyager returns

Dick came back to California earlier than expected. After arriving in Hiva Oa, Dick took the available flight to Papeete Tahiti in order to take the once/week Sunday night flight to San Francisco. I picked him up after 11 pm and we drove to Dick's sister's house in Palo Alto.
20 lbs lighter, sporting a full brown beard (he won't shave it off until his brother Tom sees it), and tired from 36 hours of travel, he happily arrived home.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pilot Peak Winery

Next on Saturday's agenda, an after-after-party at Pilot Peak Winery. Jacque Wilson was part of Maria's foursome. She's 3rd from the left in this picture:

It's only about 3 miles from Maria's house:

The skies threaten rain for the third day in a row:

Friendly people at various wine stations encourage tasting:

Jacque pours and explains the nuances of the wines at her station:

Pilot Peak:

Jacque's youngest sister, Michele, and her partner provide musical accompaniment:

And then . . . a tour of the wine-making facilities. Fermentation containers in the background:

Awards and ... what are those handcuffs at the bottom?

Jacque, thank you.

Woodstock at Wildwood: after party

This morning, Maria and Tim hosted a bloody Mary bar to thank all the ladies who stepped up and made this tournament a big success! My first stop, however, was fresh chives from Maria's garden Every bloody Mary came with a special "thank-you" bow from Tim (the only rooster in the hen house):

Today's "party-bitch" duties includes making Cheesy Wonder Crackers and Gougeres:

Oops! I spy one more rooster:

She's telling a good story now:

OMG! A good time was had by all.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Woodstock at Wildwood: round 2

I got a bit of a later start today, but eventually took the illegal cart-path up to the clubhouse. It's said that, "Everyone does it." Current standings for Flight 3 (out of 6, and Maria is part of the Fahey/Killgore/Wilson/Bedwell foursome):
On the putting green for the awards ceremony:

Hippie bracelets are collected by some prize winners:

Buffet dinner:

Jim Knight, golf pro at Lake Wildwood, announces this year's winners:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Woodstock at Wildwood: round 1

To get the first round of golf off to a good start, these guys provided mimosas, bloody Marys, and magic brownies. Bud, one of the club members, took pictures of every foursome while I looked on and judged who would place 1st, 2nd, these Hare Krishnas placed 3rd.

Most groups wanted to get their pictures taken so they could take off their costumes and play some real golf. However, this group stayed in costume for the entire 18 holes and placed 2nd in the contest, but their golf carts placed 1st.

At the end of the day, the crazy Filly Race. There were four flights of 9 foursomes who start on hole #10, only 5 qualify to move on to hole #11, only 3 go to hole #12. Meanwhile an entourage follows along cheering wildly. The pressure on the golfers is intense, one mistake will knock you out of the running.

The winning foursome of each flight move on to the finals, holes 17, 18, and 1. Teams and onlookers are also able to place bets to win, place, and show. This popular contest can be a real money-maker.

Cool Cat: day 22

They have arrived! At 3 pm today (PST), Cool Cat and crew arrived at the island of Hiva Oa and anchored in the bay near the biggest town, Atuona.

Miles completed = 2990

George's (Darren's dad) email: "They had a very rough sea to contend with last night but the boat travelled well and fast. First thing they must do is walk 40 minutes to immigration."

Here's part of the blog post from Darren: "Dick is now planning his crossing and trying to make a route so he is in the doldrums as long as possible. This is not normal but neither is Dick. He says he has loved the opportunity to get out here and have a look, and is now making plans for changes to his own cat and crossing. He is an easily-pleased happy guy, which has been good for us."

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Woodstock at Wildwood: practice round

Here we go, this is the first day of three.144 players getting ready for a shotgun start.

Everyone is bundled up in clothes to keep them warm, the skies are threatening.

In the ladies' locker room, the proper mood is set. The joints are toilet paper filled with oregano and quite ugly.

Maria discovers they reallly are filled with oregano.

You can just barely see a peace sign cut into the grass on hole #18, nicely visible from the clubhouse.

After 6 holes in the practice round, it really began to rain and it was sooo cold. What to do?

Well, to the bar of course. (For those of you from Rio Linda, you might recognize Roy Roberts in the foreground. He was the only rooster in the hen house.)

Later, at dinner an improvised putting contest took place on the carpet.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Woodstock at Wildwood

For the next few days, I'm at Maria's in Penn Valley helping her with the golf tournament she's in charge of. I'm affectionately known as her "party bitch." Among tonight's duties, making a pair of denim pants into bellbottoms.
Meanwhile, Maria's husband Tim watched the basketball game from the designated cigar-smoking location - outside.

Cool Cat: day 21

Position: S8.06.075 W137.03.510

Miles completed = 2815
In the last 24 hours = 149
Still to go = 226

Darren said, "“Sit back enjoy the ride. Fast and rough for last 20 hrs . . . Just like book says. Hang on.”

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cool Cat: day 20

Position = S6.45.607 W136.21.100

Miles completed = 2670
In the last 24 hours = 260 (a new record!)
Still to go = 373

Darren said, "Good speed, going well, sunset amazing, heard whale last night."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cool Cat: day 19

Position = S 3.56131 W132.50.000

Miles completed = 2411
In the last 24 hours = 177 (this was a good day, although the record is 179)
Still to go = 626

Darren said, "We are now flying along at 7.5 knots average and [the GPS]says 3-4 days [to go], but all can and probably will change again. A good feeling for now anyway. Better go, my shift starts soon. All is very good at the moment. . . Hope all is well."

5K Walk-it Challenge

700 people showed up by 8:30 this morning in Folsom for the Weight Watchers Walk-It 5K Challenge along the Humbug Willow Creek Trail including Jean (left), Phyllis, and me.
The finish line. See Phyl waving background left.