Monday, May 16, 2011

Cool Cat: day 13

Position = N6.10.430 W127.12.348

In the last 24 hours = 135
Miles completed = 1627
Still to go = 1394

Darren said, "Ma & Pa.

Motor is still running I think. Sump was full of water, got in from the exhaust or raw water inlet with the following seas forcing its way into the motor, past what they call the syphon block. When I was thinking I had a flat battery, I was forcing water past the rings into the sump, or I broke a ring. Also maybe lucky enough to force a bit back out the exhaust, but no more water could fit in the sump anyway. I drained the oil, turned over the motor getting most water out, then put some diesel in the sump, started the motor, to my surprise, drained the diesel water and oil out, repeated, and filled with oil. So far still running. A bit rattly so may have broken a ring. I’ll plug the exhaust outlet now, just in case. Maybe the Bertram [Darren's previous boat, a powerboat] was a blessing in disguise as this is what nearly happened to it. I did find a wire on the starter solenoid that was loose and not getting a good contact, so maybe sitting in the engine bay, just staring and fiddling helped. Touch wood. I also cleaned all earth wires etc.

Haruka seems to be getting better, but nights get her fast. It is quite eerie not being able to see what’s coming up behind you .The moon is getting fuller now so will only get better as we go south. I feel better now, and starting to really enjoy it more.

We are . . . travelling due south with 15 knot winds, gusting to 20knots with choppy swell at 2-3 meters and no sign of the doldrums. We do have a reefing plan in place if the wind and the storm clouds come through to something awful. The swell at the moment is all over the place, throwing the boat in all directions, but nothing that bad as we still have full sail out. We are presently cruising at between 6-7 knots, so we will take it while its good. We expected to be motoring by now, but simply no need.

Better get this off to you. We are all in better frames of mind."

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