Friday, May 20, 2011

Cool Cat: day 17

Position = S00.51.390 W130.21.555

Miles completed = 2139
Miles in the last 24 hours = 138
Still to go = 893

At 5 am, Darren said, "We just crossed equator. Homeward bound we are."

Cruiser tradition says the crew of Cool Cat are no longer pollywogs and may now refer to themselves as shellbacks. Congratulations!

Later in the day, Darren sent this information to his mom and dad in Australia: "The equator crossing was about 5 am this morning. We celebrated by giving king Neptune a beer and then pouring the rest over myself. Took video, so will try put on the blog when we can, it was a good feeling. . . Getting tired again, bad night sleep, will try rest before my shift, 9-12. Going about 2 knots now, dammit. But I guess the weather is good to us, just no wind to get us moving."

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