Sunday, May 1, 2011

Overhead alarm clock

7:30 am. Like a mosquito buzzing in your ear. I knew what it was. There was no use trying to sleep any longer. From the porch outside my bedroom, I sawJust north of Justin's property, Reggie flooded his field 3 weeks ago.
It was time to plant the rice seed,

after a few passes, the cropduster headed for a nearby airstrip where a truck waited to refill the hopper,
back over the top of the house,
a loop to turn back.
From Mar 1 to about April 7, four storms dropped about 2" of rain each,
that water has dissipated, today is the first day to irrigate the walnut trees.

I could have posted another half dozen shots of this cropduster. This was my best cropduster photo session yet.

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