Saturday, April 30, 2011

Welcome home

It was a 28!-hour bus ride - ugh. Justin picked me up. There are always things that I immediately begin to enjoy having again. Like:

crunchy Cheetos (Dick's rolling his eyes at this moment. He says Cheetos have an unnatural color, but I think the color is pretty close to the natural color of carrots and oranges),
lots of hot pressured water for a shower,
the ability to put toilet paper IN the toilet for flushing,
seeing what new toys Justin has,taking down the tile from the last time I was here, and putting up the next one,
getting "Welcome home" emails from cousin Phyl in Rio Linda and from Glenn in Regina Saskatchewan,
having two cards from BFF Paula in Foley Alabama,
putting out the Ibarra's pottery bowl I bought in La Paz,
toasted bread for breakfast with real butter and Saskatoonberry jam. (Sadly, Mexico doesn't have very good butter. I tried them all, thankfully you can buy one stick at a time, but there was not a brand that compares to USA butter. Dick is rolling his eyes again. After he once suggested that butter was one of those things in life that was unnecessary, I replied earnestly, "Oh no, butter's important!")
talking to Justin getting, and
getting the wonderful news that Thais and Lenin are expecting a baby due in mid-October!
It's good to be home again.

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