Monday, April 11, 2011

Boat cover: day 10

See that cloud cover? That means it's wonderfully cooler for a few days. There's a new rectangular hole in the work table, Dick is making platform to hang underneath it. The fabric sections need to lay flat as they are fed through.
The first short section is ready. The section nearest Dick must be rolled up tightly so it fits through the space under the arm.
With lots of fabric, it got much more complicated. This is called "one machine, two people, four hands, one foot." Dick feeds the fabric forward, but I also have to pull gently since the mass of yardage is quite heavy. I work the foot pedal, Dick pulls out the pins with pliers, I snip threads. Note that I'm wearing a sweatshirt - it was a chilly afternoon and I was happy.

We have our frustrating days to be sure. One day, Dick described our situation as "We had a poor plan, then measured the lengths of fabric wrong, and then sewed the pieces in the wrong order." We had to undo 3/4 of what we did that day. Dick also finds feeding the fabric into the machine and keeping it aligned quite anxiety-producing.

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  1. What an awesomely ambitious project. It is going to be a work of art when finished at which time, no doubt, you will both heave a giant sigh of relief and give each other a congratulatory pat on the shoulder. Look forward to seeing pictures of the completed project..............Marion