Monday, April 25, 2011

Buenos amigos

Good friends, Panchis and Roberto. We went to dinner at Los Arbolitos tonight as a thank-you for all they've done for us.
It took ALL day today to learn the following lessons:
1. Don't lose your debit card, especially when you're almost ready to leave the country.
2. Beware! The bank may block your other debit card if it receives a report from a merchant that the card "has been compromised." The only way you will discover this is after you've been denied a purchase and made a phone call to the bank.
3. A bank will send a replacement debit card anywhere in the world and give you a specific date of arrival, but that doesn't mean it will arrive before you leave. On-time delivery in Mexico is considered a miracle.
4. Know the PIN numbers for your back-up credit cards because . . .
5. The ONLY way to get cash in Mexico is from an ATM machine.

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