Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boat work on the water

There are still projects which need to be finished. I'm vacuuming or brushing off the entire boat - I started brushing after the vacuum cleaner almost fell into the bay. Hand-washing came next with no water allowed to stand or run off. This is the first step to working on the decks and sealing any cracks which are visible.
Dick has been attaching sails, fixing a variety of things including the anchor float which decided to coil itself around the rudder.
Here, Dick is sanding the underwater place where the transducer for the depth sounder is located.  The depth sounder is not working ... sanding didn't help the problem so it will be on to the next possible solution.
After any swim in the bay, it comes with a "Bleeaaghhh" and a good shower afterwards.  The bay is very dirty.

Monday, January 30, 2012

View from our anchorage

To go along with morning coffee, a much improved view from our boat:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Anchored in the bay

Early this morning we left the fuel dock and successfully anchored in the bay close to the marina.
We have just one neighbor at the moment - Pete and Barb on Iron Butterfly. 
Oops!  The dinghy decided to float away and the captain had to swim after it.  The captain will choose a different knot next time.
When going to shore, one must step over the side, go down the ladder, step carefully into the boat, sit in a good spot to accept a bag of dirty laundry and the computer bag, and hold the line while Dick comes aboard - and remember to breathe and repeat to oneself, "Everything is going to be ok."
Off we go.  Like leaving your house and wondering if you locked all the doors, Dick did row back to the boat to check a few things.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Who will be queen? king?

Carnaval is coming.  Tonight there was a parade with all the candidates for queen/king. Each candidate had an entourage designated by color. 
Everyone was eager to have their picture taken.

This guy called me back to take his picture.
Who would you vote for?

Sail repair by hand

This morning Dick found a new sewing project for me, but no machine could be used. Time to get out the sailmaker's palm, steel needle and pliers.  Apparently I have a very good palm, it's stamped "US Navy, 1945."
Puuuuushing all my strength and trying NOT to stab myself in the leg.  Once the needle pierced the layers, I used the pliers to pull it through.
It's not pretty, but it's done.  The UV protection in now secured to the top of the sail. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Waterline contest

Just before we went in the water, Dick held a waterline contest. Whoever was passing by in the workyard was invited to mark on the port hull where they thought the boat would float once we we'd splashed. The loser bought pizza: Mike from Tazmo (far right) - thanks! and he didn't even eat one slice because of the new diet he's on.
The winner: Tony from Forbes and Cameron who also won a six-pack of beer.  I never thought I'd be able to find non-alcoholic beer in Mexico, but a thorough search of every store yielded sucess.
The moon came up and it was time for bed!  Great fun with good friends.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sewing projects completed

One of my friends asked where I've been the last few days since I hadn't been posting to the blog as expected. Here's my excuse: I've been working ... what?   This sail needed some kind of cover to protect it from the sun.  The first couple of attempts didn't work as hoped, then Dick thought of the bags that son Mike uses when rock climbing.  A rectangles that gets folded and secured through the process.  Here Dick is laying out the rectangle of canvas:
Once secured, the sail is laid onto the bottom section and the first fold is made:
Like diapering a baby," Dick said.  As the sides are folded in, they are secured with ties:
Attach a halyard to a well-placed loop, and pulllll:
The lashing for the trampolines also needed protection.  I used leftover UV-resistant material from the cockpit cushion covers.  There are wires inserted into pockets on the underside along with many ties to keep it in place.
As the wind and boat movement dictate, more ties, loops, velcro patches, and stitching will be added,
but for now, I've put away the sewing machine.

While at the fuel dock

The next time you're having a bad day, think about Orasio for a moment. After we were launched and tied up to the fuel dock, Wizard moved into the Travelift to be hauled out.  The owner told Orasio the aft sling was in the wrong place, but Orasio was sure about what he was doing.
Oops!  The sling was on the prop shaft and ruined it along with a very expensive prop.  Dick thinks maybe $10-15K. 
Roberto and Dick muscle the outboard out of the boat, onto the dock, up the stairs, to
Alan's vehicle.  It was time for its 20-hour check-up.
Afternoon waterfall.  As the tide goes out in the afternoon, water pours out from along the dock.  It's a lovely sound if not a lovely sight.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Rowing the dinghy

Our transportation to and from the boat at anchor. A fold-a-boat: easy to raise and lower from the deck, easy to fold flat and lash on deck, ugly and engine-less so no one would want to steal her - so many advantages. 
It floats!  The guard watches with amusement from the ramp.
Our boat at the fuel dock is to the right.  On the left is what's left of the shrimp-boat fleet in Guaymas.  There used to be 500 boats that worked out of Guaymas, now only a few.
A beer salute:
This wreck has been rotting and sinking for many years:
The prettiest boat in the yard, not a speck of rust:
A view of the marina from farther out in the bay:

Will I ever be the one to row to shore? I have big doubts. I've never rowed anything. Or is Dick's rowing another BIG advantage?

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Last night, Dick was thrilled to be able to throw away all of his epoxy-ing and painting clothes, even a pair of shoes.
This morning, backing away from our 3-year location:

Down, slowly down:
Where is that water line?
Our boat is happily sitting a few inches higher.  Dick held a contest, the guys in the yard marked on the outside port hull where they predicted the water line would be.  Tony/Forbes & Cameron won, he gets his choice of pizza or beer.
Motoring slowly toward the fuel dock.  George/Mollyhock is on board to throw the lines.
Great thanks to good friends for all their help this morning.  L-R: Patsy/Forbes & Cameron, Alan & Caroline/Magic, and George/Mollyhock.
Yay!  We did it.  There were no leaks, the outboard did a very nice job of moving the boat through the water, and all is well with the world.
The "proper" way for a dock line to lay on the dock (Arlete's contribution).
The next chore is to sort through all this ... hmmm, what to call it? ... and decide what goes on the boat, what gets thrown away, and what gets left behind for "recycling."  
But, not today.  We celebrated by going out for lunch together.  Together being the keyword.
Now, the next phase of our adventure is about to begin.