Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sewing projects completed

One of my friends asked where I've been the last few days since I hadn't been posting to the blog as expected. Here's my excuse: I've been working ... what?   This sail needed some kind of cover to protect it from the sun.  The first couple of attempts didn't work as hoped, then Dick thought of the bags that son Mike uses when rock climbing.  A rectangles that gets folded and secured through the process.  Here Dick is laying out the rectangle of canvas:
Once secured, the sail is laid onto the bottom section and the first fold is made:
Like diapering a baby," Dick said.  As the sides are folded in, they are secured with ties:
Attach a halyard to a well-placed loop, and pulllll:
The lashing for the trampolines also needed protection.  I used leftover UV-resistant material from the cockpit cushion covers.  There are wires inserted into pockets on the underside along with many ties to keep it in place.
As the wind and boat movement dictate, more ties, loops, velcro patches, and stitching will be added,
but for now, I've put away the sewing machine.

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