Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boat work on the water

There are still projects which need to be finished. I'm vacuuming or brushing off the entire boat - I started brushing after the vacuum cleaner almost fell into the bay. Hand-washing came next with no water allowed to stand or run off. This is the first step to working on the decks and sealing any cracks which are visible.
Dick has been attaching sails, fixing a variety of things including the anchor float which decided to coil itself around the rudder.
Here, Dick is sanding the underwater place where the transducer for the depth sounder is located.  The depth sounder is not working ... sanding didn't help the problem so it will be on to the next possible solution.
After any swim in the bay, it comes with a "Bleeaaghhh" and a good shower afterwards.  The bay is very dirty.

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