Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Public market

Every Wednesday morning, there's a public market with many streets closed to traffic. It's very crowded from about 10 am to 2 pm.

Chopping fresh orange-colored wood.  Herbal remedies are very popular.  As the vendor chopped, he also called out what he had for sale.
The colors and smells are wonderful.  We usually stroll the fresh fruits and vegetable lanes only.  There are other areas designated for "segundos" or second-hand goods.  The plastic bags are always priced at 10 pesos, making it easier for gringos to shop and buy.


  1. The joys of being on the water, far outway all the teething problems.
    You can still get to the great markets.
    Dont open your mouth underwater Dick!
    You guys are having some real fun!
    Cheers Darren

  2. At the markets , go down the first street, turn right, then left and go right to the end .
    There was a grubby little food stand there, but nice and cheap and very nice lady.
    She gave us a cup of broth or something to try. I wrecken you could use it to add taiste to a whole stew.