Friday, February 10, 2012

This week in the bay

Tuesday. Unusual weather for Guaymas, fog.  Our closest neighbor, Plan B:
L-R: Magic, Intrepid, Iron Butterfly.  Carol and Kelly on Intrepid are headed south.  Pete and Barb on Iron Butterfly are going a big north to San Carlos where they hope it will be quieter.
Wednesday.  Rain! 
Friday. Alan came by in his dinghy to say farewell.
 Alan and Carolyn on Magic left in the afternoon to anchor for one night in an inlet nearby called Catalina.  Tomorrow they will head south to Puerto Vallarta.


  1. Great pics Arlette,
    Dick , sailing off anchor , well done. This should save you having to carry all that outboard fuel on deck,( a friendly dig). I still carry my fuel topsides.
    Another thing to practice is "heaving to". You can not always time your entry through some reef systems in daylight , so heaving to till morning is required. Is far better than sailing around, waiting , especially if a bit lumpy.
    Forget what they call it , but have you had that up to 40kt wind overnight yet, now those were an experience.
    When are you guys planning to leave the bay. San Carlos was a nice day sail , or even a little furthur norh , the Soggy Peso Bar. Great sitting back watching the kite surfers.
    I felt it was time to leave Mexico and the dust , but now have such fond memories, I wouldnt replace for anything.In fact , if I could sell my boat??, there is another in La Paz ,an L43, tempting.
    Love the blog , hope you dont mind my comments .

  2. Darren, I love your commenting on the blog. You are my #1 commenter which helps me to remember that someone out there IS reading this thing. You should buy that L43 in La Paz, you're now an experienced sailor and doing everything a second time would be so much LESS of a burden than the first time. It's only money!