Sunday, February 5, 2012

Around Guaymas this week

A few favorite photos from the past week or so.
Rabito is the name of the boat.  It's docked near the malecón and takes people for a ride around the bay.
The biggest fabric store in Guaymas is Parisina.  After choosing your fabric, you ask an employee (always a young man) to carry the bolt to the cutting table.  He cuts the amount you want, gives you a receipt, and takes your fabric to a holding area.  You pay for your fabric at the cashier's window, your receipt is stamped "Paid" then you take it to the holding area and exchange one copy of the receipt for your fabric.  If there are a lot of customers, this process means you end up standing in at least three long slow lines before you can leave with your purchase.
These boys were having a great time on a large thick piece of styrofoam, but they were on marina property.
In no uncertain terms, they were told by marina staff to stay off the seawall.  Note the broken section of the malecón.  About 4 years ago the malecón extended all the way to the marina, but a big summer storm broke off this section and it's never been repaired.
The Navy cleans the bay of debris:

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