Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Learning to row

Whenever I see another female cruiser doing something I've never done, I think "If she can do it, so can I." Barb on Iron Butterfly rows to shore almost everyday by herself and sometimes with her husband.  Therefore it was time for me to learn.
I liked it, great whole body exercise.  I discovered my back muscles were the most sore after the first couple days.
Still smiling ...
until I lifted something heavy on the boat and hurt my back. Then, rowing only made my back worse.

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  1. Good on you Arlette, once feeling confident you will never be confined to the boat , unless you wish to be. A bit of knot tieing practise may help as well. Look up a site ; animated knots!
    If you have not seen already.
    Dick may like to have a look as well after swimming after the tender.ha.
    Those oars look long , mine have never crossed over like that.