Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Oops, this special day snuck up on us. The boat has diverted our thinking. When Roberto asked me why I wasn't wearing red, I responded "Why?" Duh.  We decided we could at least go out to lunch.  There are a pair of feet under this pile of balloons.
Almost every store along Serdán had a table of special gifts:
We tried a new restaurant, the Dougout.  It's a cockteleria, which specializes in ceviche. The seafood was wonderfully fresh but I ordered maleficio which had cooked scallops but RAW shrimp.  Bravely, I ate a few of the shrimp, but decided the slimy mush in my mouth was unbearable after a while.  Dick's crab tostadas looked great on the other hand.
I hope your Valentine's Day was a special one.

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