Saturday, February 25, 2012

The outboard is working!

The fuel outlet in the portable tank was plugged. Dick decided to use instead the aluminum diesel tank, but first he had to suck out the last of the diesel (he’d already pumped out the bulk of what was in the tank) - and didn’t get ANY in his mouth.
He test-fired the outboard and (yay!) it worked just fine.
Today, we moved back to panga docks where we hope to be based from now on. The rhythm of our life will now change.

1 comment:

  1. Now I can laugh a little. A relatively easy fix after all. That is good to hear.
    Hope Dick found this before he took out the outboard.
    All sounds go from here.
    Time is ticking on, if your thinking of French Polynesia, leave as early as you can. Far less worry about spending time in a nice place you find and being pushed to move on.
    I could and would love to take 2 seasons to cross the Pacific again. You would adore the people in the smaller comunities Arlette.
    No matter where you go from here ,it will be an adventure.
    I will be following with my enviuos best wish,s .
    I can see you will miss Guaymas, especially the people.
    Oh what i would do for Dos Dos!
    ps sorry for getting carried away , i just got really excited about your last sentance.