Monday, February 13, 2012

A weekend away from Guaymas

Last Friday, we decided to get away from the noise of downtown Guaymas. It felt really good to be going somewhere, to snip a few ties to the marina and city.
The view ahead:
We didn't go far - a few miles to what's called the "free dock" or "panga dock."  There are no services here, no water, no electricity.  There is a guard on duty, however, at the main road entrance.  Our view to starboard:
To port, the inlet we entered from:
It was blessedly quiet here which allowed for restful nights of sleep.
There was only one boat when we arrived, a third boat arrived on Sunday.
The road into the marina branches off another road that leads to a fish factory just over the next hill and then deadends less than a kilometer from there.  Dick rode his bike into town on Saturday and bought a few groceries.  Without a bike, we might have to walk a mile or two where we'd be able to catch a bus. 
There were quite a few locals who came over the weekend to walk around, fish from the docks, have their picture taken on a catamaran,
or have a family picnic.  These boys taught me a new phrase, uno por uno - "one at a time" - as they came on board.  I kept saying cuidado, depacio - "be careful, go slowly" - and then they'd jump from the boat to the dock. 
This afternoon we left the dock, went sailing farther out in the sea, and sailed to anchor (no engine!) back in front of the marina.  Dick couldn't stop smiling. 
The city is revving up for Carnaval, espcially along the malecón. The partying begins on Thursday, the parades begin on Saturday.   How long will be be able to stand the noise?

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