Saturday, February 4, 2012

As the yard turns ...

I think we got out of the workyard just in time. "Mexico City," as the marina staff calls it, has instituted new rules and no one in the yard is happy.  There seems to be a new chapter in the story everyday. Those in the yard were recently told: no more vehicles are allowed inside the gates, no use of unused boat stands (usually they are used to set one's mast on so it doesn't lay on the ground), a tarp must be draped on the side of a boat being sanded (then the sanding dust lands on the ground and blows off anyway), and keep ALL your "stuff" under/around your boat). The only boat in the workyard who was there longer than us is Tazmo and Mike has now had enough.  He's in the slings and ready to go.
Remember, prices increased by 65% last August 1, and yet there is still no toilet seat in the men's bathroom (it's been almost a year), no propane to run the dryers in the laundry room, intermittent Internet service (depending on whether the bill has been paid), and on ... and on.


  1. Greed is a nasty thing.
    The Baja side of The Sea Cortez is nicer anyway.
    If your going to pay the money , you may as well be over there.
    Not quite as authentic Mexico but far easier to get stuff done on the boat.
    You have been enjoying some fine foods lately.

  2. Dear Anonymous, 2 questions: where in Baja might we be able to haul out a 20'X46' catamaran? suggestions for places to get stuff done on a boat? We've enjoyed Baja from Los Frailes north to Puerto Escondido, but have no experience in the getting-boat-work-done department.

    1. I may be wrong , but I call Baja Mexico, the spit on the west side of the Sea of Cortez.
      So im thinking La Paz , one of your own favourite spots.
      As far as hauling out , I never considered it, so unfortunately , never looked into it. But La Paz is far more cruiser friendly.
      You can get enormous amounts of info on the Puddle Jump Site, look it up . There possibly is more sites , better informed for that area. There is of course the radio net, even San Carlos people have probably been over that way .
      Just ideas , hope it helps a little.

  3. Dear Anonymous, Thanks for your help. I will check it out.