Friday, February 17, 2012

Boat work on the water, at the dock

We've created a punch list of projects that need to be completed. Dick's list is much longer than mine.  While at the panga dock and anchored out, Dick has been steadily working on sealing all the cracks that have shown up in the deck.  First he cleans the crack, scrapes it a bit, then seals it with silicone from a syringe.
This hole is supposed to drain the cabintop water into a storage tank, but some water has been getting into one of the cabinets. 
Today we came into the marina dock. 
Not many boats here.
The main purpose, now that ALL the cracks have been sealed, is to thoroughly wash the boat.  This has been a long time coming, more than three years.
Meanwhile, my back has not gotten any better, so I went to an English-speaking doctor who prescribed some meds and put me on "light duty" for the next week. No rowing, no heavy lifting, no climbing up and down the ladder into the dinghy.

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