Monday, January 23, 2012

Rowing the dinghy

Our transportation to and from the boat at anchor. A fold-a-boat: easy to raise and lower from the deck, easy to fold flat and lash on deck, ugly and engine-less so no one would want to steal her - so many advantages. 
It floats!  The guard watches with amusement from the ramp.
Our boat at the fuel dock is to the right.  On the left is what's left of the shrimp-boat fleet in Guaymas.  There used to be 500 boats that worked out of Guaymas, now only a few.
A beer salute:
This wreck has been rotting and sinking for many years:
The prettiest boat in the yard, not a speck of rust:
A view of the marina from farther out in the bay:

Will I ever be the one to row to shore? I have big doubts. I've never rowed anything. Or is Dick's rowing another BIG advantage?

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