Saturday, January 21, 2012


Last night, Dick was thrilled to be able to throw away all of his epoxy-ing and painting clothes, even a pair of shoes.
This morning, backing away from our 3-year location:

Down, slowly down:
Where is that water line?
Our boat is happily sitting a few inches higher.  Dick held a contest, the guys in the yard marked on the outside port hull where they predicted the water line would be.  Tony/Forbes & Cameron won, he gets his choice of pizza or beer.
Motoring slowly toward the fuel dock.  George/Mollyhock is on board to throw the lines.
Great thanks to good friends for all their help this morning.  L-R: Patsy/Forbes & Cameron, Alan & Caroline/Magic, and George/Mollyhock.
Yay!  We did it.  There were no leaks, the outboard did a very nice job of moving the boat through the water, and all is well with the world.
The "proper" way for a dock line to lay on the dock (Arlete's contribution).
The next chore is to sort through all this ... hmmm, what to call it? ... and decide what goes on the boat, what gets thrown away, and what gets left behind for "recycling."  
But, not today.  We celebrated by going out for lunch together.  Together being the keyword.
Now, the next phase of our adventure is about to begin.


  1. Big congrats, Well done.
    Seeing this gave me the same feeling when I first got wet with Cool Cat. Bluddy fantastic.
    She looks just beautifuly content and happy now.
    Huge effort.WELL DONE AGAIN!!!!!

  2. The suspense is killing me!
    How is it living in the water, are you anchored or at the dock?
    How are sea trials going, and the outboard?
    How is your rowing going Arlette?
    Enjoy the moment, I am .
    All the best.

  3. At last I can view Comments. It's great to be on the water again - that gentle rocking is yummy. Still at the fuel dock, hiding from the office management, but maybe today (25 Jan) we'll go anchor out. Then it will be even better. No rowing for Arlete, however. I intend to stay dumb on this subject.