Sunday, May 1, 2011

The rest of my Sunday

First stop: Mom. She's doing great. It was like I'd been there just yesterday as far as she was concerned.On to Phyllis and Dave's house. Doesn't she look great?
A lot of scarves have been crocheted:

Back to our roots. Phyl and I both grew up on egg-producing chicken ranches.Dave and Phyl now have 4 egg-producing chickens. Dave built the coop:
The nesting box with a flip-open lid for egg gathering:

When I took this picture as they were showing me their new travel trailer, Dave said, "Oh no." I told you where this picture would end up, didn't I?
My afternoon was not over, I went to Thais and Lenin's for dinner and FORGOT to take a single picture. After I was back in Nicolaus for a while, the garage door opened and Justin drove in. He'd gone over the neighbors on his new tractor for a beer or two.

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