Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Woodstock at Wildwood: practice round

Here we go, this is the first day of three.144 players getting ready for a shotgun start.

Everyone is bundled up in clothes to keep them warm, the skies are threatening.

In the ladies' locker room, the proper mood is set. The joints are toilet paper filled with oregano and quite ugly.

Maria discovers they reallly are filled with oregano.

You can just barely see a peace sign cut into the grass on hole #18, nicely visible from the clubhouse.

After 6 holes in the practice round, it really began to rain and it was sooo cold. What to do?

Well, to the bar of course. (For those of you from Rio Linda, you might recognize Roy Roberts in the foreground. He was the only rooster in the hen house.)

Later, at dinner an improvised putting contest took place on the carpet.

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