Sunday, May 22, 2011

5K Walk-it Challenge

700 people showed up by 8:30 this morning in Folsom for the Weight Watchers Walk-It 5K Challenge along the Humbug Willow Creek Trail including Jean (left), Phyllis, and me.
The finish line. See Phyl waving background left.


  1. You're not only a gifted seamstress but a fit one as well. The kiminos look gorgeous - so does the baby. Rebecca's baby (Daz's grand-daughter) is now walking. I look forward to seeing her in early Aug on my return from Alaska. Hope the sailors can relax and enjoy their home run to the Marquases.............Marion
    (Sorry about the 'anonymous' - don't work out what else to select.)

  2. Marion again. Of course I meant 'kimonos' and 'can't' rather than 'don't'. Here's hoping the Cool Cat crew can finally relax and enjoy the rest of their crossing to the Marquases. (The anonymous bit still applies.)

  3. Thank you Marion. I love to sew and always have more projects in mind than I'll ever be able to complete, although I've got quite a few started right now.