Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cool Cat: day 5

Position = N17. 45.466 W116.05.143. Miles completed = 547. Darren sent this message to his mother:

"Hi Ma, Things are sure different here out at sea. Every day and minute, checking on sails and looking around at clouds, waves . . . always wondering , how much water we used , how much battery power, even how much gas for cooking. We could be out here for up to 30 days, but hope not. The average is 19 - 24 days to the Marquesas. We have a long way to go, so hope we will get used to it. We are all getting along fine. Have seen a couple of cargo ships within 2 mile range , a bit of a worry as they are very very big. Most seem to see us and steer a course around us ,
as they are much faster. No fish yet. Dolphin schools are always nice . Even watch the birds and wonder where the hell have they come from. I am getting sad as I just cannot keep this boat clean , even out here. I have to realize that I am just a grub , and I'm trying very hard. . . if you have trouble, don't panic, we can see what's coming, or set sail to suit. As long as there is no really wild weather, we will be fine. Trying to sleep with rock and roll is taking some getting used to and we are all tired but getting better. Poor Haruka has been sick a bit, but now will take some tabs, hope they work. Better go, not much to talk about really, the days pass by. Love to all, miss my little talks with the girls, Darren"

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