Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pilot Peak Winery

Next on Saturday's agenda, an after-after-party at Pilot Peak Winery. Jacque Wilson was part of Maria's foursome. She's 3rd from the left in this picture:

It's only about 3 miles from Maria's house:

The skies threaten rain for the third day in a row:

Friendly people at various wine stations encourage tasting:

Jacque pours and explains the nuances of the wines at her station:

Pilot Peak:

Jacque's youngest sister, Michele, and her partner provide musical accompaniment:

And then . . . a tour of the wine-making facilities. Fermentation containers in the background:

Awards and ... what are those handcuffs at the bottom?

Jacque, thank you.

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  1. Arlete......You certainly haven't been idle while Dick was away and seems like you wouldn't have had time to be fretting. It's great to see people having fun and enjoying each others company. The countryside looks beautiful. Look forward to reading what you and Dick get up to next............Marion