Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cool Cat: day 4

Position = 19.02.300N, 114.32.600W. Darren said, "slow going may take longer. . . sailing at 4kts . . "

There's a website where you can enter two gps waypoints and it calculates the distance between them. This means, with the position above, they have completed 400 miles and have 2622 to go.


  1. Wow 2622 to go... Is this until Tahiti or Australia.... That's a long way... Ahhh I miss Dad!

  2. I put in the waypoint for Nuku Hiva, the first landfall in the Marquesas in French Polynesia. Tahiti, also a part of French Polynesia, is another 1000 miles of sailing. Australia is so much farther, I'll do some research and give you more accurate information - maybe as a blog entry.