Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cool Cat: day 2

Position = 21.51 N, 110.59 W (as recorded at 4 pm). If you paste this location into the search box at Google maps, you can see where they are (I tried to embed a map here, but couldn't make it happen).

Dick, Darren and Haruka left Cabo San Lucas at 4 pm on Wed 4 May. In the next 24 hours, they sailed 98 nautical miles.

Darren wrote, "the winds were favourable and the seas relatively smooth, with small swell . . . cruising at a nice speed of around 7 knots, It was a strange feeling going into the night with the lights of Cabo sparkling but dwindling behind us, with no moon the night was dark and the stars were out. You woke in the morning with nothing but horizon , a very strange almost eerie feeling when you first look out . . . we are all tired but handling it well . . . Love to all Darren and crew."

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