Friday, November 1, 2013

Project Ride Smart ends

This week, many more LCIs joined us for the final set of blacktop drills and street ride. L-R: Mellissa, Doug, Jeff, Elle. We're having lunch in the classroom where the bikes are stored.

L-R: Elle, Pollyanna, Scarlet.

I stayed on campus with the red group. Here students are doing the ABCQuick Check. A = air. B = brakes. C  = chain, cranks, cassette. Quick = quick release especially the seat post to adjust for proper seat height.

Scarlet led the blue group off campus. The route was carefully planned so teachable moments would occur such as proper lane position, yielding at round-abouts, right and left turns, avoiding the door zone, and much more. Each student practiced as individual drivers of their vehicles.

Pollyanna led the yellow group. There were two LCIs per group of no more than 8 students.

Parent volunteers also went along. At the left, one of my red group riders is practicing power pedal, starting and stopping.

I am pleased to say that our team successfully taught 5 students HOW to ride a bike!

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