Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weekend in E Nicolaus

After 3 weeks of actively working, I was tired and ready for a relaxing weekend at Justin's.

Precise edging before mowing.

Part of this year's crop drying in the bed of Justin's second truck. There will be a full report once the LAST walnut has been picked up.

Great rock music blasted from the neighbor's garage.

There had been a strong north wind so there were lots of walnuts to pick up.

Friends with tools! Justin and Justin are about to attach the bucket

to easily fix the light.

After gathering, there's shelling in the garage. Special people who have been in my path the last few weeks have been receiving 1-pound packages of shelled walnuts - I think I've given away about 15 pounds.

Not E Nic, but a great fall colors view from Phyl and Dave's kitchen window which is where I had dinner tonight.

A perfect Saturday.

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