Friday, November 8, 2013

Bookie in training

Last night, I was intrigued by Tim's interest and attention to a specific college football game. I asked a few questions. Ah ha! He had bet on one of the teams and his team made the "point spread." Therefore, this morning, we had to take a short drive to Verdi NV to collect his winnings.

I would personally like to thank Baylor University and the Miami Heat for meeting their point spread and Timmy for making good bets and taking us out to lunch at Fifty Fifty in Truckee. Excellent food and they make their own beer!

Next stop: Gray's Crossing Golf Course

and clubhouse.

Back to happy hour at Old Greenwood whose specialty is a Barlett Mule. Yum! The seemingly naked young person in the background actually just came in from the heated pool or spa. 

Fun, fun, fun.

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