Sunday, October 27, 2013

Babysitting Sophia and Avery

This is what happens when you say "Strike a pose."

I was assured by Sophia that the poses were just as good from the back.

Sophia's on a soccer team at St Ignatius.

This is called "the jail." It was so cool, I was encouraged to take a picture and send it to Mom. Of course I complied.

Time to play Hide from Grandma Behind the Curtain.

Avery couldn't figure out how I was always able to find and tickle his toes.


  1. I love to see the "striking a pose" and soccer playing in the same post - these are versatile young ladies that are being raised! I saw on facebook someone's little girl playing t-ball in a princess outfit. Love it!

  2. Apparently Mom and daughter practiced a variety of modeling poses one day. The same mom recently won a weightlifting competition.