Saturday, October 5, 2013

Trip to Regina Canada: day 1

Saturday morning, early! A 3-hour layover in Denver. We ate breakfast/lunch at a Fat Tire cafe.

My cousin Glenn was unable to pick us up at the airport because he had to attend his grandmother's funeral. Johanna Victoria Manz, born in Bukovina Austria, was 109 years old! She had 6 children, 20 grandchildren, 44 great grandchildren, and 17 great great grandchildren.

So, cousin Ruth picked us up at the Regina airport. We picked up Glenn's truck and drove to Ruth and Brenda's house.

Then we all caravanned north to Balgonie to cousin Joy and Brian's dairy farm. We went on a tour of the milking barns before it got too dark.

All the cows lay or stand on water beds. The tips of their tails are tied to a wire. I asked why that was done. "So they don't run away."  (To those of you who think I'm gullible in some situations, yes I thought that was possible, until everyone politely laughed.) The tails are tied up so they don't swish them around and perhaps spray urine around.


Cousin Joy is sitting on the couch with her son Adam. Adam's wife Brittany is talking with Brenda and Rebecca. Rebecca is Joy's daughter.

Ruth, Brenda, Rebecca (Ruth's niece).

Joy's son Lucas and family.

Thais and cousin Julie. Julie and Reg also have a dairy farm just down the road from Joy and Brian.

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