Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Regina: goodbye

At last, a morning visit to Tim Horton's.

"The Ledge" as the locals say, ie the provincial legislature.

Lake Wascana. Here is the longest bridge over the shortest span of water.

Onto the Heritage Museum.

Regina is also home to the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. Regina and the rest of the province are crazy in love with their team.

A quick tour of the RCMP Academy, Depot Division which has been providing police training to Royal Canadian Mounted Police "cadets" since its establishment in 1885.

Two gardeners talk about plants.

Time to say goodbye. Thank you Glenn so much for your gracious hospitality.

As it turned out, mechanical difficulties would delay our departure and we ended up spending the night in Denver.  The next morning would be a mad scramble to get to work for Justin and to a meeting for me. We all had a great time.

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