Saturday, September 1, 2001

San Francisco to Vacaville

We had breakfast with Marilyn and Judy before taking off to the ferry terminal. San Francisco was cold, damp, and very uncrowded at 8 am.

The ferry ride took an hour and we got to Vallejo at about 10:15.
There were hills to climb to get out of town and at about 8 miles, I had to stop and rest.  I didn't think that was a very good sign, but I made it.  Leslie and Linda are so encouraging.  Coming down Lake herman Rd and seeing the ships in Carquinez Strait was a great sight.
Riding the frontage road along I-680 was interesting - a new perspective on one of my favorite stretches of highway.
We ate lunch in front of a Tower Mart then rode to Cordelia to go to the bathroom.  Then the day got hot and the hills harder to climb.  There was a lovely cool breeze but not enough when you're struggling going uphill.  At one point Leslie and Linda stopped to wait while I walked through some sprinklers - getting wet felt so good.

 Everything got better after that as we pedaled into Vacaville.  Word of the day: naysayer.  Linda's memorable moment of the day (mmotd): when a bird pooped on her map holder and handlebar bag.  Leslie's mmotd: when a bug flew down her shirt and stung her boob.  We had dinner at Murillo's and it's early to bed - I should sleep good tonight.  P.S. fast speed today - 39.4

Miles = 43.8

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