Sunday, July 1, 2007

July to October 2007 near Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Setting: The cottage sits at the edge of Tinkhams Channel in the broad Chebogue Harbor about 9 miles from town. It's peaceful and quiet. We have no telephone or television, but we have a radio and listen to Canadian radio stations.

Views from the deck:
July - high tide

August - low tide - we called the natural art "Driftwood Dog."

The owners: the family of Diana Ayres.

What's the connection? Dick and Arlete first met Diana and her husband, Dean, in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We were on a bicycle tour across the southern states in 2004-05. We met in church one Sunday. Later in the week, it began raining and Diana came to check on us. We had a wonderful afternoon together as they served as our local guides. When Diana heard we were close to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, offered us the use of her family cottage while we are in the area. What a perfect place to rest for a few days and then we fell in love with it. We didn't want to leave, but it wasn't winterized and would not have been suitable for a Nova Scotia winter.

It's a 9-mile bike ride from the cottage to Yarmouth and we ride in almost every day. These are some of the sights along the way.

There are 7 turtles who sun themselves on one log in the pond.

Belted Guernseys

Along William Allen Road

We watch the fishermen take their little boats out as low tide approaches. We can see them in the distance, bent over, digging clams in the shallows. As high tide comes, they return and unload their baskets of clams and gear. It looks like back-breaking work to us. You can buy clams at the grocery store for $1.35/pound. Dick predicted they return with maybe 50-60 pounds each.

At the Yarmouth lighthouse

Only two people came to the Knit-In at the town square.


We left the cottage on August 1 and rode our bicycles 1350 miles clockwise around the perimeter of Nova Scotia. We were happily back at the cottage by mid-September and stayed until October 31.

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