Saturday, September 19, 2009

Road Trip: Day 4

Last night I cried several times. It was my birthday, I wasn't supposed to be freezing cold all night. In the middle of the night, Dick went to the trunk of the car and pulled out the carpet and covered (part of) me with it. I will NOT do this one more night!!!

It's Saturday night and we won't be able to get a motel anywhere near Bryce, especially in the (cheap) price range we prefer. We ended up driving 30 miles, to Panguitch. There are 13 motels in town and we checked out 5 of them, before I was satisfied. Dick was satisfied with the worst of the 5, but not me. We always compare our choices to the Worst Motel Ever - the Bamboo in (Big) Mamou, Louisiana. Personally I think I'm a Holiday Inn kind of girl, but I'm married to a Bamboo kind of guy.

We strolled the town and bought a 15-degree sleeping bag at a local sporting goods shop and spent $3.75 at the thrift store. Since it was 1/2-off day, we were able to get several long-sleeved shirts for Dick and a heavy sweatshirt for me. Once again, our personal differences showed. Dick was thrilled to find his thrift shop treasures while I would have preferred shopping at Macy's.

And this is where we had dinner:

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