Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A phone call from an old & dear friend

When I first started sending out email updates for our bicycle tours, one of my oldest and dearest friends had the most trouble accessing them and really didn't like having her email address listed with 49 others in the "To:" box. I began sending to her as a BCC to make her feel more comfortable. I also emailed her daughter the updates in case she couldn't open them up and later, I sent them to her email address at work.

I first met Paula in the 7th grade when she asked me to sign her petition to run for class office. This was at Rio Linda Junior High School. We became fast friends and, through our high school years, had some typical teenage misadventures. She and her husband Tom, and daughters Shelby and Leslie, now live in Foley AL and Starkville MS.

We had a long and wonderful conversation today. Paula said she loves reading a couple of other family blogs and I have been remiss to update this blog since the end of August. So here goes some gap-plugging in this blog. Thanks, good friend.

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