Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lost in Translation

Here in Guaymas, Ley is the equivalent of WalMart in the USA. Someone said they're owned by Safeway. It also marks an entire area of town, to get here you take a bus that has "Ley" painted on the window. This year, they've put up new signs to identify what's in each aisle, written in both Spanish and English to help all the gringos who shop here. Dust Soap = powdered detergent. You can also buy Dust Milk. Donkey to Iron had me confused so I cruised the aisle until I found the product.

Answer: An ironing board in Mexico is a burro on which you iron clothes.

Mountable games? Despite looking intently for this product, I could find nothing. Maybe I don't want to know.

Another favorite along the main street in the central district is Maria'ss Bufeet. In US dollars (today) that means all you can eat for $4.24. Dick's eaten here (he loves a bargain) and said it wasn't that good. Note the ledge you must step over to get inside.

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