Thursday, November 12, 2009


Gem from Victoria BC went in water today.
When we were hauled out last March, we were the tenth (or so) boat in the yard.
At the height of the summer season, there were maybe 50 boats.
But now, the yard is beginning to empty and the winter sailing season begins.

Horacio, above, operates the ___ by remote control while Biaggio,

Gem's owner, watches and takes pictures.

We first met Biaggio at Los Frailles anchorage about a year ago, then ran into him again in La Paz and Espiritu Santo. He sailed the South Pacific for 8 years, has a wealth of knowledge.

We are farther away from our own splash than we thought.

As you can see, the hull below the water line needs to be painted and all the "stuff" under the boat needs to be put back on the boat or thrown away.

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