Friday, March 5, 2010

Banditos strike during the night

Arlete: Dick! Wake up! I can hear animals outside. Is there any food on the table?"

Dick: That's ok. I put the food into the trunk.
And he did . . . except for the ice chest. The next morning, everything but the celery, cans,and bottles was gone. Of immediate importance was the milk needed for the morning oatmeal. Oh darn, no oatmeal for breakfast. Off to nearby Fairfax for breakfast at one of our favorite places.

In the front window are stand-up cut-out photos of people who like to eat here. We were invited to put our picture in the window since we were last here on our 2003 bicycle tour from Vancouver BC to Sacramento and came back today because it was so good.

Inside, the walls are packed with movie memorabilia.

Thank you, raccoons, for being the reason we came back here today.

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