Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hasta que le vea otra vez, mi ratoncito

Until I see you again, my little mouse.

Every evening Dick empties his pockets and leaves a little pile of change on the nightstand on one side of the bed,

or the other side of the bed.
This morning, after I dropped Dick off for his bus trip back to Guaymas, I found another little pile on a closet shelf

and there were a few coins in the drink holder in the car. He always pays for his purchases with a bill and ends up with a pocketful of coins at the end of the day, he starts each morning with none in his pocket. Is this a guy thing?

I enjoy gathering up these little piles of coins and spending them, always able to give the exact of amount of cash for a purchase. And now that Dick is back with our boat, finishing as many projects as possible before our next adventure begins, I'll miss this little "thing" about him.

But, "Why?" you may ask, did I not go with him?
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  1. Those are not little random piles of money. Each is a propina for all the little things you do to take care of me during the day.
    LBF, El Raton Gordo

  2. Yes, this is a guy thing! Mike does this too, and my dad as well! It's those darn wallets they make for men---there's no change pocket! I also enjoy confiscating Mike's change! He keeps it in a little ziploc bag on his dresser! Glad you're feeling better, and Mike and I are enjoying all of the family photos!