Monday, November 29, 2010

La manadera

The messenger, or errand-runner. While Dick is hard at work, I try to be supportive by cooking the evening meal, doing the laundry, and running errands usually by bicycle.

I'm increasing my vocabulary and getting to know where to go for the various things needed. You can never get everything in just one place. You can only find tornillos acero inoxidable (stainless steel screws) at a store called Sesenta y Seis. Here I'm on my way to try to buy epoxy resin:

Alas, they did not have what I needed but por el jueves, sin duda (by Thursday without a doubt). But it wasn't there by Thursday. We went to San Carlos where the price was double. Work was stalled for two days while we tried to decide what to do. We ended up buying epoxy from Francisco who does most of the work in the yard.

I even go to the Monica's panaderia (bakery) to get the best doughnuts in town. According the Dick-the-doughnut-expert: all doughnuts from commercial bakeries in the US are made from the same dough. Differences in doughnuts are the result of cooking technique and how they're dressed afterwards. In Mexico the dough is definitely different, doughnuts are less greasy and more cake-like. We've only seen them sprinkled with white sugar or with a chocolate glaze.


  1. Any target date(s) - ie forcasts (subject to change) for completion?

    Also how much practice sailing time will you spend in local area, befor setting sail south?


  2. Work on the boat is progressing nicely now. Sanding the hulls,then bottom paint, then . . . splash!