Friday, April 16, 2010

How to train your mother-in-law, and . . .

how she got me back.

April 2: I called Leta in the morning to check on her. She said she was feeling dizzy, I offered to take her to the doctor. She declined, but said what she really needed was for me to take her dog, Perky, for a walk. I told her I'd be there in an hour, but then I started thinking about what "walking the dog" might actually mean and I began to worry and delayed my departure. At the end of the hour, she called to see why I wasn't there yet. I had to ask, "Leta, will I have to pick up dog poop?" She brightly answered, "Oh yes." I told her I just couldn't do that. She answered, "That's OK, dear, I'm not dizzy anymore, I can take Perky out." And she hasn't asked me to walk her dog again - hurray!

April 10: On the way to Josette's baby shower, I asked Leta where Perky was staying while she was gone. Perky was with a neighbor who also had a little dog. Then she said, "I did think about bringing a blanket and Perky with us. Perky could stay in the car while we were at the shower." My response, "No, Leta, that would not have worked. Perky can't be in this car."

April 15: Dick took his mom to lunch, while I stayed home. Guess who came along for the trip? Yup, Perky, he stayed in the car while they were in the restaurant. Grrr!

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