Sunday, April 18, 2010


When Stanford University was established in 1891, young professors were hired and moved to Palo Alto with their families. They settled near the university in an area now called Professorville. The Wikipedia article was interesting and gave specific addresses and related information. So I decided to take notes and take Dick on a bicycling tour. He was thrilled - actually he rolled his eyes and humored me. Our first address to see a well-preserved example of a residence didn't exist. The second stop was somewhat obscured by a tall hedge.

The third stop was under construction and being remodeled, no longer a "well-preserved" historical example.
In this house long ago, Richard Varian developed the Klystron tube. Dick still thinks this has something to do with Superman, although it has more to do with radar systems.

The most well-known stop is the Hewlett-Packard garage with a plaque in front with some great information

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  1. I did NOT roll my eyes. I was as enthusiastic and interested as I could pretend to be.