Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tomato Babies

The other day, by email, Mark asked if I would please take a picture of his tomatoes and send it to him. He takes great care with his tomato-growing, and is one of the best backyard tomato growers I've known. Every year he tweaks what he did the year before.

This year the cages are 8 ft tall and there are four 10-gallon tubs with two plants per tub. (The next three pictures were taken April 11.)

Two of the tubs have silver blanket over the soil.

There is a reservoir at the bottom of the tub, water is filled through PVC pipe and wicks upward to water the plant. Tiny holes about 6" from the bottom tell when to stop filling the tub.

April 22:

This little flower says, "Hi, Daddy. I'll be the first tomato you pick."

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