Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Splash! A most exciting day. It's been almost two years and here we go.

Walk the boat forward so the straps can be raised and the travel lift can back away.

Pick up the mast - a few "yachties" in the yard have said, "Now that's a stout stick." - a compliment in the boating world.

The crane is hooked onto the mast about 1/3 from the top. A collar has already been secured to the mast. Note the stretch wrap and the cardboard to protect the mast from dings and scratches.

Move the mast into position.

Almost in place, but the mast must hover in place for a few minutes

so Dick can push a bunch of wires through a little hole.

Uwe and Roberto attach the roller furling.

Dick climbs the mast to release the piece of wood along the first spreader, the collar (higher up), and all the cardboard and stretch wrap.

Leaving the bay - yippee!

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