Saturday, January 22, 2011

Todos Santos

About an hour south of La Paz, Todos Santos (all saints) is a picturesque Mexican town, home to many local artists.
At the town's cultural center:
Overflowing bougainvillea:
There are many saints perched up high along the streets:

A most delicious lunch at a taqueria on the street:

We drove slowly along a rutted dusty road to get to the beach. But what a treat once we got there - a pod of whales playing just off shore.

I will only share a couple of the best pictures out of the hundred or so that I took.

Looking south. It was a gorgeous day.

It was a great show at about 400 yards distant.

The Mexican family who took this picture worked together to get a good wave and a whale in the background. While one held the camera, another would call out "Ahora!" (Now!) It was too cute.

The incoming tide soaked us a couple of times as we misjudged when to move higher onto the beach, although this picture makes it seem like Glenn thinks the whale might be coming to get him.

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